Kayah Chiefs

This Picture was presumed to be Kay Pho Du and was said to be the first chief of KyePhoGyi. He was well known as the Supreme Sovereign of Karenni State. He was probably born in bout 1768 as he died in 1868. During his time, he made a historical hallmark of the remarkable friendship agreement with the British leading by Mr. O' Riley on 16th January 1857 at the village of KyePhoGyi.


KhwíTi was the second chief of KyePhoGyi succeeding his father Kay Pho Du in 1868. As being told by his father, he continued to keep fraternity with the British and reaffirmed the friendship agreement in the month of April 1868. On the part of the British, as history recorded, the ceremony was led by Dr. Vinton. It was said that he was leading the state together with his brother KhwiSha (KhwíThyǎ). After KhwíTi, Khwíú (Khwí Ooreh) became the chief. Then, Khwísò (Khwí Sawreh) succeeded him.
KhwíByǎ (Byar Reh) was said to be the fifth chief of KyePhoGyi. After his death, Khwísu (Sureh) succeeded him. Then, Khwí Saw Shwe (Sò̌shwe) became chief. He was said to be the last chief of KyePhoGyi. Then, Oo Phe (Úphè̌) was the remnant of Sawbwa clan.
Khwí Leephe (Li Reh) was also called Pho Byar. He was not the chief of KyePhoGyi.